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Personal loans – The most useful type of loan or a hidden debt trap?

Personal loans are one of the most popular types of loans currently available. They are offered by both banks as well as private lenders and often come with terms and conditions that are considerably better than those of other types of loans.

They are also less restrictive in terms of both eligibility as well as freedom of use. Personal loans do not need to be guaranteed using collateral and most applications are approved in under one week. In most cases, lenders only require that you have an appropriate monthly income and a good credit rating in order to give you a personal loan.

However, what makes personal loans truly attractive is the fact that no restrictions are imposed on what you can do with the money. This offers a lot of freedom but may also tempt you into creating a large amount of debt.

Personal loans can be a blessing in disguise

As with any other type of debt, personal loans are only useful if they are affordable enough to not disturb your financial life. In other words, you need to pay attention to the terms and conditions that you are agreeing too, especially when it comes to the monthly interest that you will have to pay.

Although most personal loans have fixed interest rates, some may come with variable ones. This means that the cost of the loan will vary from one month to another and easily grow, depending on the state of the economy. Generally speaking, you should always try to look for personal loans that have fixed interest rates.

This having been said, the cost of these loans will always depend on your credit score rating. If you have a poor credit history, then the terms and conditions will not be as favourable. Having a bad credit score may mean that banks will attach a higher interest rate to the loan, however, there are also lenders who will set lower limits for how much money you can borrow.

If you are unsure of how much impact your current credit score rating will have on the terms of the loan, you can ask the bank representative to do a soft search credit check. This will not leave a mark on your permanent financial record.

Shop around until you find the best deal

There are hundreds of lenders that you can get a personal loan from. All banks offer them and there are also many private lenders or online lending services that include personal loans among their services. The large number of existing lenders makes it easy to shop around until you find one that offers the terms and conditions that suit you best. In some cases, you may even be able to find online services that will give you a personal loan without performing a credit score check.

Better than the alternatives and infinitely flexible

Generally speaking, personal loans are the best type of loans currently available, provided that you get a good deal from the bank. They come with no restrictions in terms of what you can do with the money, they do not require collateral as long as you borrow relatively small amounts of money, and most have fixed interest rates.

Personal loans are great for debt consolidation, large purchases, or to pay for medical procedures or home improvements.

This having been said, most banks will allow you to get more than one personal loan. This is usually a bad idea. Although a single personal loan is easy to pay off, having to repay two or more at the same time can put a lot of strain on your finances.