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CAMHS & PCAMHS - South Team

Address / Location
Block 132, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ, Odstock Road
House/Building Name
Salisbury District Hospital
Area Covered (To search please select only one area at a time)
01722 336262 Ext: 2779
Helpline Phone Number (Find it!)
01225 905094 (all calls are made to this number initially)
Additional Information (Find it!)
A child or young person can be referred to PCAMHS using their referral form, which can be downloaded from The website also gives information about how to deal with a mental health emergency, and has a searchable database to find the right support for children/young people with emotional or mental health problems.
Drop-in Times (Find it!)
Appointment only
Referral (Find it!)
Self referral or referral by a parent/carer or by a professional/agency working with the family
Special Find it!
The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) assess and treat young people from 0 -17 where there are emotional, behavioural and relationship problems AND a mental health or a psychiatric disorder present. Parents, or their GP, need to contact PCAMHS (formerly Health Minds) initially on 01225 905094 who will decide the best pathway to follow e.g. 1:1 work, family therapy or an alternative service. PCAMHS provides direct interventions for children and young people with mild to moderate emotional/mental health difficulties. They provide direct work with children, young people and their families, signposting to appropriate services, or referral to Specialist CAMHS. 
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