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What information can I expect to find in the Parent & Toddler Group Section?

This section of the directory offers parents and carers information about parent and toddler groups in the area.

What is a Parent and Toddler Group?

A Parent and Toddler Group is an informal setting where parents, carers, childminders and their children can go to have fun and meet new people. Parents and carers remain with, and are responsible for, their children throughout the session.  Most groups meet once per week for between one and two hours and welcome children from birth to 3 or up to school age.

Every group is different and it may take a few visits before you get to know the group and feel part of it.  Sometimes the best way to get to know people is to get involved and offer to help.

What happens at a Parent and Toddler Group?

Although this will vary from group to group, most will provide opportunities for:

  • babies to play and explore in a safe area;
  • free play with a good range of toys including larger equipment;
  • a craft activity that may involve cutting, sticking or painting;
  • singing time often at the end of a session to allow for clearing away of toys;
  • a refreshment break for adults and children.

How much do they cost?

Most groups charge around £1.50 per session to cover the cost of refreshments and craft materials; there is sometimes an additional charge for more children.

Who organises Parent and Toddler Groups?

Some groups are run by a committee of parents elected at an AGM who share the responsibility for its organisation.

Some are organised and run by church members leaving parents and carers free to enjoy time with their children.

Some are organised by Children's Centres, Family Centres or the local Pre-school or Nursery with staff on hand to offer support and advice if needed.

Some groups have a rota system with parents taking it in turns to set up, clear away and make refreshments.

Most groups will have a main organiser who will welcome you and introduce you to the group.

What is an activity group?

An activity group introduces young children to different experiences such as baby massage, music, baby signing and rhyme time, pre-school gymnastics and dancing, water activities, even Spanish and French for toddlers and football for 2 year olds!

Parents and carers go along with their children often joining in the fun and making lasting friendships.

How do I find a Parent and Toddler or Activity group?

  • Ring the Family Information Service on 0300 003 4573 or email customerservices@wiltshire.gov.uk for details of groups in your area including opening times and contact numbers.
  • Click here to view the Find it! Directory and select the Parent and Toddler Groups or Activities category
  • Your local Children's Centre will have information on the groups they are running and other local services.

What if there isn’t a Parent and Toddler Group in my area?

Why not get together with other parents and carers and start a Parent and Toddler group. 

Click here for more information about setting up a group.

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